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Alcohol Ignition Interlock Program

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Queensland’s Alcohol Ignition Interlock Program


The Alcohol Ignition Interlock Program commenced in Queensland on 6 August 2010. It is a program that applies to repeat and high range drink drivers.


What is an interlock?


An alcohol ignition interlock is a device that is linked to a car’s ignition, starter and electrical systems. The device measures the alcohol in the drivers breath and prevents the car from being started if any alcohol is detected. 


Modern interlocks are very sophisticated. They have various technologies to prevent their use being bypassed.


Do I have to get an interlock device?


You will become an interlock driver if you are convicted of:- 


      - a drink driving offence with a reading of 0.15 or higher;

      - dangerous driving while affected by alcohol;

      - two drink driving offences (whatever the reading) within a 5 year period, if both offences were 

        after 6 August 2010; or                  

      - failing to supply a breath specimen.


What do I do if the interlock program applies to me?


Once your court ordered disqualification period has ended you will become subject to the interlock condition.  You will need to go to Queensland Transport to have your licence reissued. Your new licence will have an “I” for interlock on it.


You will need to decide which vehicle to put the interlock in and arrange to have it installed. You will need to fill out an “Apply/Remove Vehicle Nomination Form” and give it to your chosen interlock supplier.


How long do interlock devices have to be used?


The minimum time that an interlock has to be used is 12 months. During that time you cannot drive any vehicle that does not have an interlock device installed.


The period of time you will have to use an interlock can be extended if you do any of the following


     - Tamper with the interlock. 

     - Drive a vehicle that is not fitted with an interlock

     - Drive a vehicle fitted with an interlock when you know (or ought reasonably to have known)

        it isn’t operating properly or has tampered with.


If you drive a vehicle that is not fitted with an interlock you will be charged with a new offence and have to go to court. You will face high fines and will also have your driver licence disqualified for a further 3 months for a first offence or 6 months for a second offence. You will then need to start the interlock program again.


What if I choose not to have an interlock installed?


If you choose not to have an interlock installed in your car you will not be able to drive for a further two years after the end of your court ordered disqualification.


Can other people drive a car with an interlock installed?


Other people can legally drive your car while it has an interlock installed. However, they will need to use the interlock to start the car and therefore must have a zero blood alcohol reading.


How much will it cost to have an interlock installed?


The total estimated cost for an interlock device is $2,000 over the 12 month period. You will have to pay to rent the interlock, have it installed and serviced and to have it removed at the end of the period.


For more information, you may wish to contact the following suppliers –


Guardian Interlock Systems


Draeger Safety Pacific       


What if I can’t afford to have an interlock installed?


Discounts are available for people who have a valid Health Care Card. Low income earners can also apply for financial assistance.


See the information sheet about financial assistance at –


Can I get an exemption from the program?


There are some exemptions available. They are very limited and typically only apply to people who have a medical condition that prevents them from being able to use an interlock or live more than 150 kilometres from the nearest interlock service centre.


Where can I get more information?


Queensland Transport


Relevant Law


Transport Operations (Road Use Management Act) – sections 91I to 91Z


Transport Operations (Road Use Management – Driver Licensing) Regulation- sections 63A to 63K

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