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Driver Education Programs

What is a driver education programs?


There are a number of programs aimed at people who are appearing on traffic related charges in Queensland courts. The programs aim to educate and raise awareness of the dangers everyone faces on the roads and to help people change bad behaviours.


Who should complete a driver education program?


Anyone who is charged with a traffic offence and needs to appear should think about completing a driver education program. They can be very important if you have a bad traffic history or are facing a serious offence.


You will generally receive a lower fine and shorter disqualification period if you complete a program.


The law requires a Judge or Magistrate to take a lot of different factors into consideration when deciding what penalty to impose. Completing a program shows that you are committed to making changes and not committing further offences.


What programs are available?


QTOP – Queensland Traffic Offenders Program


The most widely recognised program on the Gold Coast is QTOP. This program started on the Gold Coast and is now also available in Brisbane.


QTOP is targeted at first and second offenders who are charged with

            -Drink driving

            -Drug driving

            -Disqualified driving

            -Unlicensed driving


QTOP costs $185.00 and takes 3 weeks to complete. You can start the program at any time. For more information go to their website -


* Please note that the course can be completed in 1.5 weeks by attending the Gold Coast and Brisbane sessions each week. If it is vital you complete the program pending a court date, this may save you from adjourning your court date which costs more of your time and money. * 

















Queensland Traffic Lawyers are avid supporters and proud sponsors of the Queensland Traffic Offenders Program. 


Under the Limit


Under the Limit is a drink driving rehabilitation program that is offered to suitable people in conjunction with a probation order. The court can order that you complete the Under the Limit program as a condition of your probation order.


The course is run over 11 weeks and you are required to attend each session. Because it is a condition of probation if you fail to attend any of the sessions you could be charged with breaching your probation order and brought back before the court to be resentenced on the original offence.

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