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Failure to Stop - Evade Police Offence

What does it mean to evade police? 


In Queensland it is an offence to fail to stop or to evade a police officer or a random roadside breath test. If a police officer is attempting to pull you over, or you have been called into a random breath test, and you evade or flee the situation, you may be charged with evading police.


The Queensland Government has recently passed legislation increasing the penalty for this offence arguing that it will seek to prevent fatalities caused by high-speed chases.


What is the penalty for evading police?


If you are convicted, you could be looking at a minimum fine of $5,500.00. There is also a mandatory minimum licence disqualification period of 2 years for this offence.  


Not only will you be charged with the offence of evading police, but you may also be charged with other offences such as driving under the influence


This offence is very serious and can have a significant impact on your future. You may wish to seek legal advice before court from a traffic lawyers. Contact us for some advice today. 

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